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Plumbing trends for 2022

Plumbing is essential to the inner workings of the home. Emergency callouts are just a small part of plumbing, and when renovating your home, a small fixture can help it feel complete. We have noticed three major trends that we are seeing people do in their renovations to give their home the step up it deserves. We dive into these three trends and see how they help your home reach its full potential. 

Outdoor shower with copper piping and rustic bath

Outdoor Showers

Although this has been a thing overseas in exotic paradises, it is only in the past few years become a serious trend in homes. People believe it could be due to the increasing desire to make our homes an oasis of our own. People create a place to wash down after the beach, feel in touch with nature and create an added addition to the perks of their home and garden. 

You can create an outdoor shower easily, with option of having cold water only or having both temperatures. 

Added bonus: clients even enjoy washing their dog in the outdoor shower, as it proves to be less of a messy experience. 

Plumber testing water pressure

Low to Mains Pressure

We all know that feeling, low pressure. There is nothing worse than stepping into the shower after a long day, turn the faucet - only to have a little stream of water come out with no pressure at all. Your shower ends up in a dance around the one stream in order for you to completely shower yourself. 

Or even worse, how about that feeling when you have a hot shower, and you receive a frightening cold stream of water. Someone has turned on a tap somewhere in the house causing this experience to occur.

Nowadays, mains pressure is a trend that is built within new build homes. However, most older homes have low pressure that needs to be upgraded.

Mains pressure, Rinnai explains, delivers up to 500 kPa and provides water pressure that is 6 times more stronger than a low pressure. 

So, it’s a no brainer why this is a current trend in newly renovated homes.

White tiled bathroom with black tapware and bathroom fittings

Coloured tapware

When renovating your home, it’s becoming a trend to ditch the traditional chrome tapware and go for a dash of colour. Increasingly, we are seeing a large influx of installing brass or black fixtures into kitchens, bathrooms and the laundry. It gives that extra flair that your house may need. 

If these trends are something you are interested in adding to your home renovation list, you can contact us at Summit Plumbing to help you get there. We would love to assist you in choosing the right system that suits you, but also creating a home into a modern oasis of your own.