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Normal Hours Rate 

$85+GST per hour   

Normal Hours Rate (Gas)

$95+GST per hour

Service Fee     


After Hours Callout Fee


After Hours Hourly Rate  (Including Sat) + SVC

$140+GST per hour

Sunday or Public Holiday + SVC

$170 +GST per hour

Additional services

Phone consultation     $45+GST per hour   
Written reports    $30+GST

* Please note that our After Hours Callout Fee applies to the first hour of service. After Hours Hourly Rate applies to all hours thereafter.


How do you charge your time?
Summit Plumbing charge you for the first hour, and then in 15-minute increments thereafter.

When does the time start?
We charge the time from when we leave the merchant, or if not applicable, when we leave from site base to the client’s address. Often our team will need to go to the merchant in order to get the correct supplies or tools for the job, if this does happen Summit do charge this time used to get to and from the job or if there are any delivery costs applied to the job. 

What is a SVC charge and why is it on my invoice? 
SVC stands for Service Charge, and this applies to each vehicle attended to the site. This charge applies to all services that evolve around keeping the Summit Plumbing team member at your site. These services include but are not limited to insurance, ACC, fuel and road user charges. 


Please be advised that these rates are subject to change each financial quarter. When our rates change, this website will be updated to reflect the right pricing. Summit Plumbing request that our pricing is not to be used for personal use or to be sent on to additional third parties unless otherwise discussed prior. 

Hours of Operation 
Summit Plumbing operating hours are within the hours of 8.00 and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. We do have an emergency call out service if you require it, this does come under the fee of After Hours. 

Phone consultation 
Summit Plumbing understand that when there is a plumbing emergency after hours, we appreciate that the client may want to keep costs low. At times the urgent plumbing issue, may have a simple solution to help ease the urgency. Therefore, we also provide a service available for a phone consultation. We can assess the damage via a video calling service (if able) for us to assess if there is a solution until the working week, or if this deems important for us to come to the property as soon as required. This fee will only be charged if we are able to help the client via phone consultation. If in result, we do need to visit the client after hours, an after hours fee will only be charged.